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The Life of Mentos Man (2016)

Status: Completed

Release Date: May 16, 2016 (Online), April 20, 2016 (School Presentation)

Summary: Meet Mentos Man...he's not a very happy individual, but when the power of MENTOSĀ® comes along, he can do anything! But at what cost? Join Mentos Man as he discovers that the commercial life isn't all what it seems.

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Bob Goes Back in Time (2003)

Status: Completed

Release Date: Summer 2003

Description: Just an experiment in elementary school. Proud to say this was my first produced film project and animated feature. Although we didn't use the right tools to make an animated feature, it still counts. We completed this within 4 months, with only two people (Dylan Bargas and Meghan Brownell). We provided the voices, and the character and set designs for the whole movie. The length of the film was 30 minutes long, and while it could've been longer, we were still statisfied with the finished product. The story was about a kid named Bob, and he gets sent back in time by an evil time lord oddly named Timer. He meets a couple of friends along the way, including a red dinosaur by the name Dyno (pronounce like The Flintstones character). They both have to race against time itself to get Bob back to his regular time, before it's too late. As you can tell, the story wasn't good, but I was young at the time, and like I said I still feel proud of making it. Maybe one day this will be remade into a much bigger and better full-length feature. Only "time" will tell...

The Puppet Movie! (2004)

Status: Completed
Release Date: Summer 2004
Description: This was another fun elementary film project. Inspired by my last movie, my teacher at the time (Jim Ayers) wanted to involve the other students to make movie of our own. Motivated, I picked up the idea to use my puppets in the movie. So starring alongside puppets, which includes Kermit the Frog, Lambchop, and many others that were exclusive to this movie, we were set. The story went along like this, Kermit was on his latest movie, and gets fired by the Henson Company. So he's forced to find another job, and to find new puppets to help him along. So he stumbles upon two elementary students to help him out, and before they know it a bunch of puppets out of nowhere (literally), and come along on the adventure to help Kermit, and to save him from an evil clone that is on their tracks. Yes, it was a really silly movie, but at the end it was enjoyable, and came out really nice. It was also the first time we used video editing software to work on the film. At the time it was amazing! Hopefully one day we will make another puppet movie, we just need better puppeteers.

The History of Susanville (2004)

Status: Completed
Release Date: Summer 2004
Description: Another movie involving the puppets from the previous film, but with a different crew. Meghan Brownell returns, along with her husband Matt Brownell to help out. Kermit and his friend Billy are on the case to find out the secrets of the small town known as Susanville. It's not as interesting as you's a documentary with puppets as hosts/narrators. Honestly, this movie was a bit more embarrassing for me than my previous two. But not as embarrassing as the one that came out after this. But still, this was a fun experience, and I learned more about the town of Susanville than I thought I would have.

Spider-Man 2099 (2004)

Status: Completed
Release Date: Summer 2004
Description: This was a really rushed project. Based on the Marvel comics run of the same title, this film bares no similarity to the comics at all, other than the characters names. I was young at the time, and all I did was made a story I thought that made sense, and I thought was the basics of the story, but it was literally just looking at the pages and coming up with my own ideas. Not a great fan film, but definitely a great lesson learnt. Make sure to know the source material better next time whenever I do something like this. Hopefully one day I can do Spider-Man 2099, but next time it will actually stay true to the comics.

The Vader Chat Room Trilogy (2006) - "A New Chat", "The Chat Room Strikes Back", & "Return of the Chat Room"

Status: Completed
Release Date: June 5-7 2006
Description: Stupid. Idiotic. Pointless. Trilogy. Hey, I just described the Star Wars prequels. But seriously, I am too embarrassed to admit I made this trilogy, and honestly it was out of pure boredom. Kinda like Michael Bay when coming back to Transformers, because he has no other franchise to ruin. But hey, I can't feel too bad, there are other Star Wars fan films out there that aren't great either, but in all seriousness I do regret making these videos. It's what happens when someone like me, at the age of 14 with nothing else better to do. I had a lot of fun with that Vader voice changer mask, and maybe one day I will get to do better versions of "Vader Chat Room". It will definitely be better than these pieces of garbage. If you want to watch these, search really hard on the net, cause as we speak I am trying my best for all of you not to see them. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.

The Risen (2010)

Status: Incomplete
Release Date: Not Planned (Two Clips Released in Summer of 2010)
Description: This was suppose to be a high school project in my last year that never got completed. The script was finished, and the casting was completed, the problem was the commitment with the people I was working with. The movie was suppose to be about my characters Electron and Blaze trying to find their place in this society. Where do they fit in? Can the people really trust them? They have all the powers to take control, or they can use those powers to benefit humanity. But who's the true good guy? It was a script I was very satisfied with, and I like it better than my previous scripts that never seen the light of day. I have two video clips of us acting out the scenes, but sadly those are the only scenes filmed. The reason I couldn't finish it was because I moved away after high school, and the cast who were in part of the movie were no longer part of it because of the move. I would love the idea to returning to this project some day, but sadly I have no plans to going back to it. But we'll see...